Autoweek Fantasy Camp–Getting there…

I left NC yesterday and traveled through that state as well as Virginia and West Virginia until I reached a place in the highway that had traffic stopped.  I was able to converse with a guy  in a work van and he let me know that about six hours earlier a couple of large trucks had an accident and there were flammables involved so the highway was shut down and traffic was being routed back the other way.  It was late enough in the day that I decided to take the exit and find a hotel for the night.

The town was Ripley, WV, and there was a nice place to stay right off the exit.  After I got my bags in the room I ventured out to find something to eat.  I picked out an Asian restaurant that came up on my GPS and headed out on the road confidant that the miracle of satellite navigation would not fail me.

It took me on some very interesting and winding roads that gave me a chance to explore the handling characteristics of the Miata far more than an Interstate does.  Finally it brought me to the end of the trail only to discover that I was in the middle of nowhere with only a sign telling that here was a dam built by the US government.

With a sigh I turned the car around and headed back to Ripley getting to enjoy the winding roads again, only backward.

In Ripley I settled on a  franchise that served some high cholesterol fare and did my best to balance the junk portion with plenty of coleslaw.

The next morning I was back on the Interstate, now cleared of the accident.  I went past the sight and wondered how everyone must have made out as the Armco guard rails were still quite bent and torn up with plenty of black marks and gouges in the surface of the roadway.

On to Ohio I went.  The speed limits for the state roads in Ohio harkened back to the Nixon days of the 55 mph speed limits.  Even thought the roads were essentially limited access roads the low speed limit prevailed.  I just had to live with it.  Ha!

As I got closer to the large cities of Ohio the speed limits went up and the Ohio drivers paid less and less attention to them.  I decided that it would be best then, for me to drive like a native.  I made good time.

Then there was the welcome sign for Michigan and Dearborn would not be far off.  I stopped for some lunch and filled up the fuel tank.  I had been making over 30 miles to the gallon.  that was a pleasant surprise.

The GPS was working well and steered me right to the entrance of the Dearborn Inn.


I checked in and was handed a package that the good folks at Autoweek had left  for me.  When I got up to my room and opened it up.  It was actually a pair of driving shoes.  Alpine Stars, no less!!  They will come in handy when we hit the track on Saturday.

I went out to my car for the rest of my bags and saw that another “camper” had arrived.  George had driven his big block Boss Hog from Maryland to the Inn.


This is a monster of a bike with a huge V8 putting out well over 500 hp.


These bikes are usually build with a small block, which is plenty of engine, but every once in a great while they put together a big block version and this is George’s

It is nice to be back again and quite a few of the campers have been here at last year’s Fantasy Camp.  We are enjoying being able to see each other again and share the adventure.

Tomorrow morning we will go the the Automobile Hall of Fame, have lunch at the Vinsetta Garage, and then tour the Ford Museum before the real fun begins and we get to examine the cars that we drive on Saturday.

More to come.

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2 Responses to Autoweek Fantasy Camp–Getting there…

  1. Bob Cote says:

    Hey Jim, have a great trip. Bob

  2. Jim's sister says:

    I’m sure you got that kind of mileage because you were driving the speed limit (wink).

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