Autoweek Fantasy Camp–The road trip ahead…


I am busy getting the house in order and doing my preliminary packing of luggage as I prepare for tomorrow’s road trip to Dearborn, MI.  While I often do these kinds of road adventures in a single day of driving I plan to take more time and not arrive until Thursday afternoon.

Friday morning will consist of a self –guided tour of the Automotive Hall of Fame in the morning and a lunch and tour of the “Driving America” exhibition at the Henry Ford for the early afternoon.

By the late afternoon the test cars should be arriving and from six to eight in the evening we will have a reception dinner.  It will allow us to do some preliminary evaluations of the cars and give us a chance to mingle with some returning campers along with some guys that are new to the event.

Saturday, after a brief orientations session, we will spend the day driving the cars on the Ford Proving Grounds across from the Dearborn Inn.  The weather promises to be clear and warm.

Saturday evening will be the closing dinner with great food, music, and plenty of socializing.

Sunday morning will start with breakfast at the Inn and then I will hit the road and point the Miata toward Indiana.  By Tuesday I will meet up with some friends in the area and spend a few days not more than an hour from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

On Carb Day we will visit the track and spend some time in the garage area known as Gasoline Alley, even though gasoline is no longer used as a fuel for the race cars.

For a car guy it will be a lot of fun and I plan to share as much of my experiences as possible on these pages.  Wish me luck.

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2 Responses to Autoweek Fantasy Camp–The road trip ahead…

  1. Kevin says:

    Safe trip Jim.

  2. Lenna says:

    Good luck Jim!

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