On the Road – This old truck…

This past week I have been traveling to Minnesota to handle a few family matters.  The weather was surprisingly mild for this time of year and this part of the country.

I wandered around New Ulm on afternoon and came upon this 1949 Ford F-1.

1949 F-1

Sure it had faded paint and some rust, but there was something magnificent about the way this old truck looked.

Such character

It was a sunny afternoon so I took some photos from a few different angles.

Despite the rust it is a beautiful truck

This post-war pickup truck has seen a lot of history and, in a way, it lets you know what its seen far better than if it was restored.

It is still in use today.

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1 Response to On the Road – This old truck…

  1. Jonathon says:

    They are only original once………………!

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