Building a Track Car – Back from paint and back to work.

It was nice to unload the Miata from the roll back yesterday and nicer still to take a look at it this morning.

It looks good with the hardtop

I spent the day re-installing all the lights on every corner.  The headlights were in but all the others needed to be installed.  I took off the rear valance so I could get the some of the masking tape off and then make certain the license plate lights were mounted properly.  All the lights received new bulbs.

All it needs is some lights installed.

Next it was time to get the windows back in the doors and the outside handles installed. 

Putting the windows back in.

I have converted from electric to manual windows and from electric outside mirrors to manuals that are a lot lighter and smaller.  I have also eliminated the radio so out went the speakers.  That means I could dispense with all the wiring in the doors.  More weight gone.

This first part covers the original mounting point.

I put on a Touge Run front spoiler.  It is urethane so it should be able to deal with bumps and curbs better than say, fiberglass.  It is a bit old school in terms of looks, but that complements the rear spoiler.

New spoiler

The outside rear view mirrors look nice.  Real feather weights.

Carbon fiber and light.

The passenger side air bag (SRS) was removed to save weight and it really isn’t necessary with the six point harness and racing seats that are going in.

Empty spot

A good friend made a duplicate cover that I glued in place with RTV.

new cover!

Finally I was able to get the Beat Rush aluminum panel in that covers under the engine.  It is a very nice piece.  My car didn’t have the factory plastic under panel and the Beat Rush wasn’t much different in price and does a much better job.

Baet Rush panel

Tomorrow I want to complete the ABS panels for the doors and then work on installing the Momo seats.

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3 Responses to Building a Track Car – Back from paint and back to work.

  1. Kevin says:

    Is it just me or is this starting to look very nice ? By the way could they have hinged and latched that Airbag enclosure to make a cubby hole for the racing camera to be put away in, or for the Radar detector gear to be used to and from the track days ?

    • jimsgarage says:

      Its just you Kevin. 🙂

      I did give some thought to turning the SRS area into a sort of glove box, but had so many other things to fabricate I decided to leave that one for another day. I do like the idea though.


  2. Bennett says:

    I can’t wait to see what you do for the door panels. I really want to do something simple with mine, even if it a just recovering them.

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