Watch Out for May – Autoweek’s Fantasy Camp Again!

Last year I was one of the lucky twenty to get to attend Autoweek Magazine’s Fantasy Camp in Dearborn, Michigan.  This May I get to do it all over again.

Yes, the Fantasy Camp rides again with another weekend of “car guys” rubbing shoulders with the editorial staff and driving cars on Ford’s test track.

After experiencing last years event I am excited to be able to participate again.  I am hoping that the Track Miata will be completed and that I can use it as my road trip vehicle to get there.

After the weekend in Dearborn I will drive on to Indianapolis and wander around Gasoline Alley getting to see all the new cars, engines, and teams. 

May should be a great month.

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2 Responses to Watch Out for May – Autoweek’s Fantasy Camp Again!

  1. Chris Belcher says:

    That is awesome news…good luck at the test track with Autoweek.
    Miss you guys, and I still follow your blog regularly.
    Chris Belcher

    • jimsgarage says:

      Chris –

      Great to hear from you! I hope you have liked the Track Miata project. I can hardly wait for it to come back from the painters. There are still many more hours of work left, but it is coming to a nice conclusion.

      I hope you are still finding some fun car or truck to own. You always chose some really nice ones and then made them even nicer.



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