Building a Track Car – Closer to Paint

Today a few for details were taken care of on the front bumper cover and a lot of time was spent on the rear deck area behind the seats.

With the carpeting, the convertable top, and other interior trim pieces removed the area in back of the seats ends up with a lot of holes that could cause a safety problem.  Fortunately there is a solution consisting of laser cut aluminum sheets that form a complete shelf area that not only seals off the area leading to the trunk, but they look good, too.

Fitting the aluminum

In particular there are the places behind the main roll bar supports that lead to the trunk that needed to be closed up.

Gaping hole behind the roll bar upright.

Then more pieces were used to finish off the area.

More fitting and adjustments.

While the kit I used was complete it still required a good deal of fitment around the roll bar structure and some panels had to be relieved so that electrical cabling could pass through without chaffing or being pinched.

Behind the rollbar upright is the block-off plate

Once everything was fitted properly all the panels were painted in a satin black and rivited in place.  The only exception was the center panel that allows access to the top of the fuel tank and the fuel pump inside.

Completed and painted

Once everything was put together it ended up looking very nice.

With everything completed so far it is time to get the car to the painter’s on Saturday.

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2 Responses to Building a Track Car – Closer to Paint

  1. Jay says:

    Really looking great Jim. Can’t wait to see it finished!

  2. mark says:

    Enjoyed our little road trip dropping off the car for paint.
    Always an adventure!

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