Building a Track Car – Hardtop acquired!

One key component in this project that has been missing is a hard top.  While I could run on the track sans any top, having a hardtop installed simplifies compiance with safety regulations.  I chose the Hard Dog roll bar to accomodate a hard top and using one will eliminate the need for arm tethers.

Hard tops for Miatas have become scarce and valuable items.  A few years back you could hardly give them away, but with the popularity of the Spec Miata class and the recognition that a Miata is a very cost effective way to enjoy track days suddenly hardtops have become desirable.  And expensive.  And tough to find.

I have been looking ever since I knew I was going to obtain a Miata for a track car.  It seemed like every time I would find one on Craig’s List it would be gone by the time I could contact the seller.  If I looked on eBay there might be one or two for sale, but they would be far away in another state and shipping costs are very high.  Prices were $1200 to $1300, with occasional $800 ones that would pop up and dissapear as fast as an electron.

Yesterday I saw one come up for sale on eBay and put in my bid.  It was an early model with no defroster imbedded in the rear glass and it had sat in someone’s garage gathering much dust.  It was also just down the road in Raleigh, NC.

Red top

That afternoon I found that I was the top bidder and I could pay for it and pick it up today, which I did. 

The red top.

Off it went to Masterblend where Phil will get it prepped and painted.  Now I can focus on all the other things.

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One Response to Building a Track Car – Hardtop acquired!

  1. Jim's sister says:

    Hooray! So glad this came about.

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