Building a Track Car – Road Trip!

Sometimes the  special parts you want are not available in or near the city in which you live, but the road trip it takes to get there is an adventure in itself.

I made the decision to change out the driveshaft that had served my Miata for 150,000 miles for a new one.  A new one that was made with an aluminum tube.  Fantastic you say.  It must save many pounds of rotating weight!  Not really.  It will shave off about two pounds.

I know, I can sense the disappointment you are feeling right now.  But the good news is that even two pounds of reduction in rotating mass is an important improvement.  In addition the new driveshaft has replaceable u-joints, where the stock one’s are not replaceable. 

But that is beside the point.  This entry is not about the driveshaft, but about the road trip and one of the interesting things that comes about from road trips, long or short.

I was traveling back with my new aluminum driveshaft (more about that in another entry) and taking the more rural route back to the shop.   On drives like this one it is not so unusual to spot the occasional antique or classic car on display in someone’s front yard or perched on a trailer as if it is going to be shipped off to another destination.  It is very tempting to stop and see if the owner is home to get some history on the vehicle and maybe a few photos.  I almost did just that a couple of times, but I also knew that I wanted to get back to the shop and swap out driveshafts before it got dark.

Then it popped up on my left.  An auto salvage yard.  The PC term today would be auto recycling facility, but this was not just any salvage yard.  This one had acres and acres of prime classic car parts as well as more than a few classic cars waiting for that special someone who would restore or resto-mod the remains. 

I pulled off and spent fifteen minutes seeing what I could from the fences and taking several photos so you could share in the experience.  Enjoy.

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