Building a Track Car – Miata Project Car

Parts have been ordered and many have shown up already.  A lot of thought goes through just what to spend money on and how much.  If this were a Spec Miata I would be somewhat limited in the modifications that I could perform, but that is not what this is to be.  I want to get more “seat time”, not become a race car driver.  The goal is to enhance my driving skills.  so I plan to make modifications that will allow me to get the most out of the Miata’s great handling and allow me to learn more about high performance driving.

1996 Miata M edition

I have scoured the major Miata performance shops and placed orders with Go Miata, Flyin’ Miata, and Moss Miata.  I have also checked out eBay for a few bargains.  Auto Zone is my source for many parts such as hoses fluids, gaskets, etc.

Since this car has 150,000 miles on it and no service records I should put on a new timing belt and water pump, as well as perform other maintenance items.


My experiences with track days has taught me the importance of brake performance so I will be researching for a good four-wheel big brake upgrade.

The suspension is what keeps the tires on the road and managing the weight transfer.  I will be looking at replacing all the wear items such as tie rod ends, ball joints and bushings.  The replacement bushings will be hard performance types in order to obtain more predictable handling.  The suspension’s adjustment bolts will all be replaced.

I will be searching for a high quality coil-over suspension that will provide me with track manners and adaptability for ride height and corner balancing.

Bracing is an important factor with convertible bodied cars and there as several options to choose from.  There will also be safety considerations such as a roll bar, and if the budget allows, a roll cage.

A hard top is also on the list as it will complement some of the other safety considerations.  Miata hard tops are not easy to come by and can be pricey, but I will see how well I can do.

There are a lot of things to consider and I will document as much of the process as possible so be sure to check in from time to time.


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2 Responses to Building a Track Car – Miata Project Car

  1. drsideways says:

    Gas, Gas, Gas….more gas.

    Merry Christmas!i

    Alan Giles

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