Vintage Racing Service and Support – Raleigh

This morning I took a short road trip to Raleigh where I came across the kind of car shop to die for.  It is named Apex Vintage and don’t go looking for it in Apex either.

Right here in Raleigh

Do you own a Ferrari or Maserati and cannot find a shop that has a real clue how to service it?  Apex Vintage has a factory trained service technician with over twenty-two years of experience on both these marques. 

The Ferrari shop

That’s not all.  Apex Vintage also takes care of vintage track cars.  Not only restoring and rebuilding, but also can provide delivery and setup at several of the road racing tracks in the Southeast.  How nice is that?

A Lola ready to transport to the track

The original business was started by Nick England and Peter Krause back in 1990 and operated as Krause and England until 2007 when Cecil Boyd acquired the business.

A Ferrari engine rebuild

Cecil actively races a Lola T-97/20 Indy Lights formula car as well as flys competitive aerobatics in a Russian Yak 55M.  In addition to all that seat time he turns his own wrenches on both.

Vintage Ferrari

The staff consists of several automotive fanatics with depth of experiences in their particular areas of interest.

A customer's 2002

If you are interested in vintage BMW there is Bob Breed who has a vast knowledge of classic BMWs and competes in his own beautifully prepared 1972 2002.

Bobb Breed's 2002

Terry Meeler is the aforementioned Ferrari and Maserati specialist who has his own special section.

Terry at work

Rod Atkinson has a knack for Alfa Romeo as well as Ferrari cars, performing engine and gearbox rebuilding as well as handling the responsibilities of crew chief at trackside.


Dave Blum is the shop fabricator and engineer who is a former racing instructor.  His skills in MIG and TIG welding, roll cage fabrication, and fabrication of all kinds make him an invaluable asset.  Not to mention his skills in suspension tuning and setup.

Fabrication and restoration

So what about the British cars?  Simon Briggs, born in England, immigrated to the US and founded Flying Circus English Cars.  Be it Triumph, MG, Jaguar, Rover, or Lotus, Simon has the experience, skills, and patience to resurrect, improve and make them track ready.

An original Mini Cooper S

It was a treat to be allowed to explore the shop areas of this unique and exceptional business.

A special project


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3 Responses to Vintage Racing Service and Support – Raleigh

  1. Superleggera says:

    ‘Alfas’, not ‘Alphas’ Jim. 😉

  2. jimsgarage says:

    I hate when I do that.

  3. Tim says:

    Have we found Jim’s new part time job? 🙂

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