Targa Newfoundland – Let’s Keep it Going

Targa Newfoundland 2011

I just spent some of the most amazing days of my life working as part of a team of volunteers that makes the Targa Newfoundland happen.  Yes, it is run by volunteers.

This is the most unique automotive event of its kind in the world and it is held on one of the most fascinating islands in the western hemisphere.  There are only two other Targas held in the world.  This year was the tenth time that Targa Newfoundland has been held.

This rally is held on public roads with the cooperation of many communities and its people.  It means that for a few hours their community and life is disrupted by teams of stage operations crews and roaring race cars as they get to see and be part of this special event.

Most everyone I met as I traveled from stage to stage during the week-long event just loved excitement and cars and looked forward to it coming each year.  There are always a few that just don’t get it.

NTV (Newfoundland TV) has a question of the week that it has proposed:  Should Targa Newfoundland Continue?

If you wish to make your opinion known please call:

1-709-722-5015 and be persistent as the line is often busy.

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3 Responses to Targa Newfoundland – Let’s Keep it Going

  1. JayB says:

    Yeah, I’ll call, it should definitely continue.

    Why is that the question of the week? Are they thinking of not having it next year? Attendance issues? Habitual bad weather?

  2. jimsgarage says:

    I don’t kow why it was chosen as question of the week. It may have just been the fact that the event had just happened. In the ten years of running the Targa it was the first time there was an injury to a spectator. The person is recovering and the incident is being investigated, as all incidents are.
    Edison Wiltshire, the event chaplain and himself a competitor, immediately left the competition after the incident to be with the family. He has been in regular contact since then.
    With the agreement of the family, the driver and co-driver of the car that was involved have been to visit the woman in hospital in St. John’s. They were very warmly received.
    At the incident in Fortune, the competitors who went off the road had absolutely no idea there were spectators near them or that there were injuries. When they were notified by officials at the next stage, the crew were devastated by the news and immediately withdrew from competition.
    The “off” of the Ferrari Enzo also garnered a lot of publicity. It was part of an experimental “Fast Tour” that was limited to just four exotic cars that were not scored or timed and whose speeds were limited by course safety cars both ahead of and behind. The Ferrari in question obviously has a great deal of power and is a handful even for an experienced, professional driver.
    Driving high performance cars at speed carries risk. Even on closed roads in the best of circumstances.
    My personal feeling is that Targa Newfoundland is a gem that should be treasured by auto enthusiasts everywhere and valued with pride by the people of Newfoundland.

  3. jimsgarage says:

    The Results of the NTV poll, with the question of Targa NL

    Was 201 people in support of Targa NL, with 76 Against!

    2 to 1, in favour of the event!

    Thanks to Tom Jackman for this UPDATE!

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