Targa Newfoundland – In the Drink

OK, this video has probably been seen 2 million times, but for the loyal readers of this blog:

I was there right after the accident and saw the aftermath.  The car was craned out and then flat-bedded to a fire station where it was rinsed out with fresh water.  Even so it will most likely be taken all apart. 

He is not the first Targa driver to end up in the drink, and likely, will not be the last.

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2 Responses to Targa Newfoundland – In the Drink

  1. Jim's sister says:

    Excellent video. Thanks, Jim. If this was the worst that happened, it was a very lucky race.

  2. Right after looking at your website and seeing pictures of that enzo, Somebody tweeted that video. I was like ” I bet Jim saw that!”

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