Targa Newfoundland – ReMax Center

Final class

Today was the final preparation class where the Stage Operations teams received all their equipment and instructions.  Updates had been made to the stages so it was important that we all had the latest information.

Vehicles were set up radios and all the timing equipment was assembled and tested for the last time.  Then everything was packed into the cars and the teams set off for the ReMax Center in St. John’s to spend some time looking over the cars and meeting with the competitors and the public.

the crowd

 It was a great opportunity for people to mix with the cars and get to talk with the competitors.


There were several really exotic cars in the show.  We are talking millions of dollars worth of competition cars.

The last of the Tech inspections


There was still time to get the last of the cars through technical inspections.  These cars are only allowed six tires for the entire rally.

Mitsubishi Evolution X

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One Response to Targa Newfoundland – ReMax Center

  1. Jonathan Leonard says:

    Glad you got up to Newfie land safely!

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