On the Road to Newfoundland – the Ca’a Barn

With David Loring’s introduction I buzzed back on the White Mountain Highway and headed to John Moir’s Ca’a Barn.

In case you don’t get the spelling of the name of the barn it is a play on the New Englander’s habit of dropping their R’s when it is at the end of a word.  So instead of Car Barn it becomes the Ca’a Barn.

I wound my way down a couple of country lanes and then pulled into the driveway and up to the barn where John was patiently waiting for me.

His car collection is the result, not only from a love of cars, but from his wife’s comment, that if he kept it up he would own cars from A to Z.  He liked the idea so much that he deliberately worked on a collection that now consists of cars whose names begin with every letter of the alphabet.

John was a perfect host and very generous with his time.  It must have taken two hours to go through the collection.  We spent a lot of time commenting on the various aspects of the cars and he related much of the personal history of each and every one.

We found we had a connection in that he used to spend summers in Osterville, the village that I grew up in.

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