On the Road to Newfoundland – David Loring Racing

I arrived safe and sound in Newfoundland a couple of days ago and then made my way to the capital of Saint John’s where the Targa will start and end.  The people who are the heart of the Targa, the volunteers who make it all happen have been welcoming and warm.

I will share my adventures of becoming part of the Targa team that produces this unique North American rally, but I need to back track a bit and tell you a little more about some of the sights and places that I came across on my way here.

Back in Conway, NH, I stopped by a race car shop that I saw close to the highway.  It was the David Loring Racing shop. 

David Loring has quite a history with racing.  Back in the late 1960’s he worked in Marblehead, MA, at Autodynamics.  Marblehead was a hot spot for auto racing in those days and Autodynamics was America’s largest race car manufacturer at the time.

A talented driver, David won the Canadian Regional Formula Ford Championship in 1969.  He went on to complete successfully in Formula Ford and Formula 100, being recognized in 1972 as the most talented upcoming driver by the British Motor Racing Press.

In 1972 he turned to race car design and construction building many Formula 5000 and Formula Atlantic cars.  In 1978 he captured the SCCA Formula Ford Championship in the Gurney Eagle, a car he helped design and build.

Today his shop is known as the place to go for race car preparation, restoration, engine development, and driver coaching.

Even though they were in the midst of car preparation, David was nice enough to take some time with me.  We chatted about race cars and he suddenly told me that there was a car collection that I had to see.  It was owned by a gentleman by the name of John Moir just a few miles away from the shop.  David even gave John a phone call and let him know that I was arriving.  He then sketched out the driving directions and told me to be on the lookout for the “Ca’a Barn” where John would be waiting.

I spent a bit more time seeing the shop and then headed off to the Ca’a Barn.

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