On the Road to Newfoundland – Roadside Discoveries

The road to New Hampshire had a couple of tolls.  Not a big deal really.  Two of them cost less than a dollar, which was a nice change from what was charged as I drove up I-95 past Baltimore, MD.

The countryside was very pleasant to look at and I didn’t feel rushed either.

I had a plan to get to North Conway and a few miles beyond so that I could take the Evo up the road that climbs Mount Washington.  This road is just over eight miles long and brings you, and your car, up well over six thousand feet into the sky.  When you complete the drive you earn a bumper sticker that proclaims “this car climbed Mt. Washington”.  I wanted mine.

This meant that I would be driving north on the White Mountain Highway or Route 16.  It is not an interstate and winds through villages and towns as it brings you up the eastern border of New Hampshire. 

Tamworth Fire Department

Several miles from Conway, just across the road from the Tamworth Fire Department is a place called Resurrected Rovers.

I was intrigued to see a handful of early Land Rovers clustered in front of a service garage so I naturally stopped.  The proprietor was Ed Starr who had worked on Land Rovers many years ago and recently was talked into help someone with a “basket case” Land Rover restore it to road worthy condition.  Other Land Rover owners contacted him to help with their vehicles and Ed made the leap from hobbyist to a business person by leasing the garage he was working out of.  He is one of two folks in New England known to specialize in early Land Rovers and gets his customers by word of mouth.  While I was there at least four cars stopped to see the cars he had out front and inquire as to the services he offered.

Restored Land Rover

a cluster of three

a work in progress

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One Response to On the Road to Newfoundland – Roadside Discoveries

  1. Jim's sister says:

    I still prefer the Evo. Hope you didn’t make a trade.

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