Electric GT Racing Car is Here

We see now that every major (and some minor) automobile companies are producing EV (electric vehicles) as fast as their designe studies can develop them. 

Now it is the race cars turn.  Here is a video of a very respectable GT race car with at least 700 hp and 0-60 time of about 3.6 seconds.

It should be noted that without the high decibel levels of an internal combustion engine in his ears the driver can now really hear from the tires as they search for grip.  While the body of this early version looks quite recognizable as a GT car I suspect that as time goes on EV race cars will be able to take advantage of the lack of radiators.  Not having a fuel tank that sheds weight as the race progresses should also allow the engineers to really dial in the handling.

The batteries are high power lithium polymer EIG (South Korea) packs

Powered by three 231 hp UQM electric motors (made in USA)

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