Automotive Branding – The Magic of the Oval

Have you ever noticed just how often different brands of cars use the oval shape in their company logo? 

Ford is often refered to as the “blue oval”.

Ford's blue oval

I have noticed that Chrysler has morphed their logo into an oval shape.

Chrysler in an oval

 Subaru has their constelations corraled in an oval.


Newer brands such as Scion and Hyundai found the oval attractive.

Scion - part of Toyota


Land Rover – another classic brand uses the classic oval, too.

Land Rover

Lexus and Infinity – the upscale brands of Nissan and Toyota both emphasize luxury with oval logos.


Infinity as an oval

 Toyota likes the oval so much it uses three of them.

Toyota in three ovals

Who knows why the oval is so magical for car brands?

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3 Responses to Automotive Branding – The Magic of the Oval

  1. Tim says:

    Is it just car manufacturers though? Many non-automotive brands have circular logos as well. I’m sure it’s some design & branding ethos about how circular logos make buyers 11.5u98012322309!24059% more likely to remember that the square root of 392 is 19.7989899, which could potentially improve brand favor-ability during the winter solstice.

  2. markitude says:


    Great observation – I never paid that any attention.

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