BMW Saving the World – 2 i’s at a time

Now that we have seen how Ford reacts when someone uses it identity brand of F-150 (see: Ferrari vs. Ford – AGAIN) it should be interesting to see how Apple reacts to the use of its “i” brand name in cars.  Mitsubishi has its iMiEV electric car and now BMW has announced that it will have a new sub-brand of “i” and has two concept cars: the i3 and i8. These cars are based on an aluminum chassis that houses the battery, therefore keeping the weight low, and starting with a rear-mounted electric motor.  All topped off with a carbon fiber reinforced plastic body.

The i3 is an urban specific conveyance that has a 170 hp electric motor with a lithium-ion energy storage pack that is porported to have a range of 150 miles. 

BMW i3

The i8 characteristics are a bit murkier.  It appears to be a two-passenger coupe with performance in mind.  It may be more of a hybrid using a three cylinder engine to sustain its range.

BMW i8

I am currently skeptical of the practicality of electric-powered vehicles. Their range is probably very optimistic if driven like a typically petroleum powered vehicle and re-energizing these vehicles is certainly not the five minute stop that gasoline powered vehicles enjoy.  In any case time will tell if I am too much of a pessimist.

It will also be interesting to see how Apple computers reacts to all this i branding.  Before the i-phone, and the i-pad Apple computers had its own branding tussle with Apple recording.

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5 Responses to BMW Saving the World – 2 i’s at a time

  1. Tim says:

    Drivers of Nissan’s Leaf all-electric vehicle are getting rather miffed about its range or lack thereof. There also seems to be issues with the range estimate dropping suddenly towards the end.!5780215/nissan-electric-car-stranding-owners

  2. Dante says:

    God, I’m so fed up with that overused letter. It’s not clever any more.

  3. Thats obviously a play on the Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China that youll find on the back of your iPhone and many of Apples other products…Cult of Mac checked in with Chinese gadget blogger and he says that the reference does play in Shanghai. He was at the store when it opened and says that Apple is definitely and create more of a presence there. Thats really interesting — Apples not only trying to simply sell its products over there but its actually localizing the brand a bit to do so.

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