The Rites of Spring – Car Day in the Triangle

The first Italian Day of 2011


Spring is here in the Triangle and a sure sign is the monthly ritual of “Italian Day” has started up once again.  Except during the winter months, the first Saturday of every month there is an impromptu car show at a shopping center known as Brier Creek in Raleigh.

The rumor is that it started as a monthly gathering of owners of Italian cars who would show up and enjoy a cup of coffee and talking about their Ferraris, Alphas, Fiats, whatever.  Naturally these cars caught the attention of other local car enthusiasts who enjoyed being able to walk around and view these cars as well as chat it up with the owners.  As more and more car people showed up so did their cars.  There were all kinds and makes and usually cars of great interest and charm.  Soon it grew to fifty, then a hundred, until, like this past Saturday, hundreds of collectable, exotic, and otherwise cool cars would gather and be gawked at all morning long.

There are no prizes, no entry fees, no formality at all.  Car freaks just know that the first Saturday of every month is a chance to view up close, some of the finest cars in the area.


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3 Responses to The Rites of Spring – Car Day in the Triangle

  1. Tim says:

    Good stuff Jim! Though, it’s Brier Creek 🙂

    Pretty soon your car will be an endangered species and you can rightfully join them! 😛

  2. jimsgarage says:

    Yup Brier Creek it is! That will teach me to be distracted in the coffee shop. Did I include enough photos?

  3. Jim's Sister says:

    Great pictures, but there are never enough photos. By the way, I really enjoy the new look of the website. Hope it didn’t take too much time to revamp.

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