The Toyota Pickup – an AK-47 on wheels

Known in other parts of the world as the Toyota Hilux it is bar far the most popular vehicle for most rebels and insurgents.  Top Gear staff noticed that the truck was a constant in many news videos of conflicted hot spots around the globe and decided to put one to the test.

It took several episodes as an amazing amount of abuse was heaped upon this diesel version.  Bashed into imovable objects, left in the ocean, and finally left on the roof of a building that was demolished with explosives the Toyota truck still started and moved under its own power.

I know that I totally enjoy my base model.  It has 250,000 miles on it at this point and I fully expect to double that.

Here is a Newsweek Internet article with photos of how many guerrilla groups put this amazing vehicle to nefarious uses.

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