Things are Looking Up for the Indycar Series

By 2012 the Indy Car series should be a lot less of a spec series than it has been for the past decade with Chevy, and now Lotus offering up engines.  Honda will continue to supply engines, but adding at least two more engine manufacturers is a very positive sign.  With the new Dallara chassis coming in for the 2012 season Lotus is also taking advantage of the 2012 rules and will be offering its own aero body package.  Suddenly Indy will no longer be dull.

While the Indy cars may not show the engineering sophistication of Formula One cars, they have consistently been running at higher speeds.  With the new regulations and the participation of multiple manufacturers they are becoming an interesting series again.

While we have at least twelve months to wait for those changes there is one that will take place now that will potentially have a great effect on the 2011 season.  Tony Kanaan has been released from the Andretti Autosport team and I predict is going to make some team very successful. Tony is a consistently great driver even if his car is not as supportive as he deserves.  He also will bring a great deal of valuable maturity and leadership to any team that is fortunate enough to get him.  Any sponsor with a spec of brains will be shoving money at the team where he lands.


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