Italian Day in Raleigh, NC

The first Saturday of the month Raleigh has an informal car show at Briar Creek.

Legend has it that it started as a get-together for owners of Italian cars – hence the name.  Lamborghini, Ferrari, Fiat, etc. car owners would come to the parking lot Saturday morning, park their cars, and have a coffee together.

Car people being what they are, other car owners started showing up.  At first it was just a matter of car enthusiasts enjoying being able to look over the Italian cars.  Of course the enthusiasts would drive their own classic, collectable car to the parking lot and people would stop by to look at those cars as well.  Soon anyone who had a car or motorcycle of interest would show up on the first Saturday of the month and wander around looking at everyone else’s car.

This past Saturday was the last one for this year so hundreds of folks showed up with their cars of interest to join in on the fun.

And it is fun.  There are cars of all possible types.  From exotic sports cars to classic hot rods and muscle cars.  There are British classics such as Triumph and Jaguar, as well as contemporary sports cars such as ZR1 Corvettes, Porsche GT3s, and Ford GT’s.

Here are just a few photos of some of the cars that were there. 

There were at least four Ford GT's there

The Austin Healy 3000 is a classic

There were several examples of the MGB and this it the GT version

The Corvan was one of the many itterations of the Chevy Corvair

This Plymouth's power plant had dual quads on a cross flow manifod

The classic fins of the fifties

This hot rod had a small block Chevy engine

Before the Hummer there was this Lamborghini

Do I need to say?

A Z3 M Coupe from BMW

I remember driving an XKE such as this - amazingly fast for its time - and beautiful looking, too.


It is a monster

Who would NOT want a drive in this?

The venerable Bug

ZR1 Corvette

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