Top Gear – NJTP

This morning (early, real early) I set off on my annual journey to Cape Cod driving up I-95.  About 1:00 pm I was just about to get onto the New Jersey Turn Pike when going in the opposite direction were the three Top Gear cars that had been used at VIR just a couple of days prior.  This time there were no SUV video chase cars so I assume that three lucky people were ferrying them back to the true owners back in North Carolina or thereabouts.

Word is that after a day at VIR and another day on the Blue Ridge Parkway the cast and crew high tailed it to the state of New York to spend time on another track. 

So the next question is “When do we get to see this episode”?  Don’t expect it any time soon.  First of all there will be a great effort on post production work and then it will have to wait its turn.  So the UK audience will likely get to see the finished product next year in the spring or summer and the US audience will see it even later – except for those that find some web site with grainy small video that the BBC will have removed ASAP.

In any case I will anxiously await the final cut and revel in the scenes that showcase Virginia International Raceway.

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2 Responses to Top Gear – NJTP

  1. Tim says:

    Actually Jim, there is a site that records and shares the UK episodes as they air, in high quality.

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