Lola T70 – Race Car Replicas

I just about locked up my brakes when I spotted this!

I returned from VIR and was driving around Cary when I spotted this parked in a parking lot.  It is a Race Car Replica of a Lola T70, one of my all time favorite race cars of the 60’s. 

The Lola rear

It was great to talk to the owner who was on his way down to Carolina Motorsports Park (CMP) in South Carolina for some track time.  The car has a small block Ford engine and is obviously very light.  While it is currently in track configuration it is licensed for the road.  What a blast!

This is used in SCCA events

Obviously a lot of work went into this beautiful car

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3 Responses to Lola T70 – Race Car Replicas

  1. Mark says:

    Great to see this kind of machinery.

  2. Terry says:

    Yeah but you should see the ones over here in the UK running LS Motors up to 700BHP !! Full New Built or as a Kit by Gardner Douglas AT


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