2013 Formula One Rules Emerging

The rumors are flying around Formula One and what the rules changes are shaping up to be for the 2013 season. 

On the surface they sound like they might make things better by re-introducing turbo-charging and ground effects.  But if you delve into the details – then it gets stupid. 

The displacement is to be reduced to 1.6 liter and the driver limited to five engines per season.  Oh yeah, and fuel delivery will be metered and therefore limited.  Now wait a minute, turbo engines take a lot of fuel to keep from blowing up and so now it sounds like the FIA wants to run the engines lean (and blow them up) while limiting drivers to five a season?? They are barely able to limit themselves to eight with normally aspirated engines now. 

Why don’t they just tell them to use Indy spec cars? 

Ground effects can be great, but being down to 650 hp will certainly not make this a return to the 1980’s and I don’t think we need to see vacuum to the road solutions with powered fans providing the downforce. 

I remember the GP cars of the eighties as rock hard go-cart suspensions (i.e., no suspension movement) that beat the crap out of the drivers and the cars.

Sure, I would like to see turbo powered engines again, but let’s make them at least two liters and give them ten a season.  Mandate suspension travel so that the tires don’t do all the suspension work. 

The most whining about aerodynamics is about being able to get close enough to the rear of another car without loosing the downforce that clear air provides.  Maybe they should have two wings on the back set side-by-side over the tires and leave a center section clear for air to blow through relatively uninterrupted. 

We have seen other crazy F1 rules come and go prior to the actual season, I sure hope that these get thought out more.

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5 Responses to 2013 Formula One Rules Emerging

  1. Mark says:

    The best thing about this changes is that they will mandate four cylinder engines. Now give me a break. Four cylinder is a hideous joke and a brutal laugh of the hateful green lobby. It looks that we will come to a point when Formula 3000 will have bigger, more exciting engines than F1.

  2. Noel says:

    What’s wrong with four cylinder engines? The number of cylinders isn’t as important as what you do with them. Ten years ago Saab was getting 750 hp out of the 2.0 liter engine in their Pike’s Peak car.

  3. jimsgarage says:

    I think a 2 liter turbo four would make for an interesting engine formula. My Evo easily makes 400 hp and there are those crazy Evo owners that have cranked out over 1000 hp to the wheels. I would think that a race engine could easily put out 700 hp for several races and a configuration where the stright four would be laid almost on its side would provide a very low center of gravity given a dry sump lubrication system.

  4. Mark says:

    Yes, technically speaking a four can give the right performance and successfully propel F1 cars. It’s just the fact that a four cylinder engine doesn’t have the class and charisma of a V10 or even a V6.

  5. jimsgarage says:

    True, and who doesn’t like the wail of a V12 at 18000 rpm.

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