Austin, TX – the US GP track has a plan

I always picture Texas as being flat and had my doubts about the creation of a Formula One track in Austin.  I was afraid that it would be a track like Bahrain where the elevation changes would be measured in inches and tumble weed might cause a caution flag.

Boy was I wrong.  The track layout has been released and it looks fantastic.  It has elevation changes of 133 feet and the turns look fantastic.  The only criticism I might have it the counter-clockwise rotation. 

Go to for information on the architects

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3 Responses to Austin, TX – the US GP track has a plan

  1. t3 says:

    Hey Jim! THere are lots of hills in Austin….just none in Dallas where we are! Come visit and we will take the miata down there and tear it up! Hope all is well! T3.

  2. jimsgarage says:

    Ted –

    I would love to ake another road trip and Texas would certainly be one of my stops. No road trips this year, but I am contemplating something for next year. Stay tuned.


  3. t3 says:

    Can’t wait….btw – John just picked up a 2011 widebody WRX……AWESOME!!!

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