New Paint – New Wheels

After taking a lot of ribbing over the stock steel wheels and tires on my Toyota Pickup I broke down and purchased a set of alloy wheels and a set of tires that were a couple of sizes larger.

The reaction has been positive.  See what you think:

New wheels and tires

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7 Responses to New Paint – New Wheels

  1. Noel says:

    I forgot you had silver steelies on the truck, so when I looked at the photo I want looking for the “after” picture.

    Maybe it’s just the angle of the shot, which doesn’t do the truck justice, but satin black alloys look a lot like black steelies. To me, anyway! And I run those on my daughter’s car in winter.


  2. T3 says:

    Love it Jim! As usual – you always get it right!

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  4. Jim says:

    It looks great! I’m a little jealous, actually!

  5. markitude says:


    You are a character! Your truck with the painfully plain-jane silver painted steel wheels and relatively narrow tires struck me as a deliberately crafted exercise in conservative utility. I always thought you were making some statement with the truck – a bit of a stand against all the 20″ bling rolling around – wheels that are worth more than the car they are bolted to.

    But, I suppose you’ve made your point now after several years, and with the new paint, re-tooled leather seat, and overhauled engine, that the wheels and tires needed to be brought up to spec. I do like the heft of these wheels and tires. The wheels look beefy and purposefully machined. Were they parkerized and a bit bigger and they’d look right on a mil-spec hummer. I like it!


  6. Nero says:

    This is one of the best examples of proper car care that I have seen over the years.

  7. Canoygoob says:


    I’m jealous!


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