Formula One Plea for Equality

Formula One regulations are often as changeable as US tax code and at times as difficult to fathom.  This year’s F1 season has been one of the most fun ones to watch with plenty of excitement and competitive spirits.  So why would you change the rules?

Well, Red Bull is pushing for what they call “engine equalization” for the 2011 season.  It appears that the Red Bull team feels that their Renault engines are down 30-35 horsepower and they cannot get Mercedes to agree to supply their team. 

Gee, Williams is not complaining that Cosworth engines are not up to snuff and besides the Red Bull cars often appear to have the handling advantage over their rivals.

If Red Bull can just keep their drivers (or is it driver) from whacking into each other they might get a couple more podium finishes.

The last thing F1 needs is “engine equality”.  We don’t need Formula One to turn into another Indy series where everyone is supplied the engine by a single supplier.  Would the Red Bull team want “chassis equality” as well?  I doubt it.

Next year should bring in movable wings and a new tire supplier and they have the potential to add more interest to the series.  I am not so sure about the 107% qualifying rule that they wish to re-institute.  The current qualifying works well.

Next weekend is at Silverstone.  See if you can get access to a big screen and tune in.  These races are amazing to watch.

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