New Paint

Yesterday I picked up my beloved Toyota Pickup truck from B-Macs.  The change was amazing.  Now, instead of looking almost pink on some panels, the truck is a proud red that really stands out. 

A new begining

The drop-in bed liner was tossed out in favour of a spray-on finish that actually give me more space in the bed area since the drop-in liner had covered up so much.  It also gives me access to all of the tie-downs that Toyota put in the bed.

Better than a bed liner

The guys at B-Macs really did a great job, not that I expected any different result.  I just know that their standard work of this type typically involves frame-off restoration work and my pickup truck was only getting a nice quality paint job.

An interior to be proud of

This was an investment, for certain, but a lot cheaper than buying a new or newer pickup truck.  The mini-pickup truck is also getting harder to find.  Many that are out there are 4WD or have long beds and cabins.  This is not what I am looking for.

What I am looking for is just what I now have.  A reliable mini pickup truck that is in excellent mechanical shape and provides me with a great deal of utility and economy.

If I had a race car to tow things might be a lot different, but what I need is something that I can take to a home and garden center and pick up twenty bales of pine needles or ten bags of top soil.  With this truck I can carry a modest amount of lumber or a large screen TV without qualms.

I hope to keep this gem for many hundreds of thousands of miles.

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1 Response to New Paint

  1. Noel says:

    Nice paint. Nothing like a new paint job!

    But I think you need bigger wheels and tires. ;o)

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