The Finns, are they the best drivers?

Whether it be Formula One or World Rally Championship, for some reason Finnish drivers always appear as some of the top drivers, if not the champions of those venues.  Here is a video of other Finns who might be the next champions:

Top Gear’s James May had a session of driving lessons from a Finnish driver:

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One Response to The Finns, are they the best drivers?

  1. Noel says:

    The rollos say they push the limits a little. The rally driving one was more fun.

    Still trying to master the Swedish Flick myself. It’s different with FWD than with the RWD car in the video. I can get the car sliding into a right or left hand turn no prob, but smoothly mastering the transition to the opposite direction exactly when desired and while not losing lots of speed is the trick. So I need to practice more! And winter’s coming! Easier to learn at low speeds on snow!

    Rally drivers in general are pretty amazing. A guy I know used to co-drive on the WRC. I sent him the “Tribute to Rallying” video a few months ago. He knew a bunch of the guys in it and said, “You know, someone looking at this would have to ask, ‘what the hell are these people doing?'”

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