Evolution 9 – the turbo has arrived

While I was away on a three week road trip to New England a package arrived and it contains the Tomei ARMS turbo upgrade I have been impatiently waiting for since I ordered it in mid-May.

The folks at Kami Speed have been very understanding of my frustration and kept me informed as to the status whether it was good news or not.  Apparently the Tomei turbo has been more of a success than expected and production has barely been able to keep up with demand. 

Fortunately Tomei insists on maintaining quality no matter what and that translates into my long wait.

Here are some photos of the turbo along with a really nice O2 sensor housing that will be added to the Tomei kit.  This housing is from a company called Exotic Speed that produces this beauty out of stainless steel.  On my Evo 8 I had used a nicely welded up stainless steel version from eBay that I really liked and was looking for another one for this car when I came across the Canadian company that was selling these.

Next I have to set aside a weekend to install the new turbo, the Mishimoto radiator, and what ever else has stacked up on the bench.

There will be more on that weekend and photos of course.

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12 Responses to Evolution 9 – the turbo has arrived

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  2. Tim says:

    Awesome, finally! Can’t wait to see how she does…

  3. markitude says:


    I know your penchant for subtle, but perhaps you could have done the 3 photos as large and aranged them vertically. This turbo is HUGE and is really a thing of mechanical beauty. I imagine that once installed, the Evo 9 will sound like a Boeing 757 running up it’s engines just before turning onto the runway.

    I can’t wait to hear it!

  4. Chris Belcher says:

    I can’t wait…I’ve been salivating over this since May. Those cams and this turbo are going to make for one rediculous street car…keep us informed on the progress.


  5. jimsgarage says:

    Thanks for all the encouragement everyone.

    Right now it looks like I am going to have to deal once again with the used car penalty.

    Today I discovered the rear differential is leaking and worn so that will be a show stopper until I can get it replaced. I also have the classic symptoms of a water pump leak. Hard to believe these have occured with only 8000 miles on the clock.

    One reason may be abuse by the original owner and another may be the consiquence of the car basically sitting idle for a couple of years.

    In any case these will be addressed and will delay the turbo instalation. I don’t believe in putting on a modification when I have basic repairs to take care of.

    Hang in there folks.

  6. markitude says:


    Sitting idle does wreak havoc on seals. I’ve got a lot more leaks on some of the equipment that hasn’t been run in a couple years – was fine when I parked it, but then final drives start leaking, and leaking badly too, just from sitting.

    Well, hopefully this won’t be too bad for you. Maybe the water pump is a good thing to tackle while you have the turbo out, and have drained the cooling system while swapping in the new mishimoto radiator?


  7. Noel says:

    Geez that thing is big! Can’t wait for the performance report!

  8. BJ (06MREVO) says:

    What’s up Jim? Turbo looks pretty good…What made you go with the Tomei Arms turbo over say the BBK turbos from CBRD?? I think its funny that everyone thinks that turbo is massive when it is a stock appearing turbo. I know it doesn’t use the stock housings but its based off that though, either way nice purchase!! Sucks to hear about all the problems you are having with the car, my car has been running pretty good lately (knock on wood, haha). I just had it tuned 2 weekends ago and it put down 385whp and 365wtq, not to bad considering my car is 100% stock motor, stock intake mani.& TB, stock turbo, 25 psi, on 93 oct. I enjoy reading your blog Jim, looking forward to more updates on the car.

  9. jimsgarage says:

    BJ –

    The Tomei people have a great writeup on their turbo that I gave them a call. The key question for them was what supporting modifications were necessary for the ARMS. Tomo-san said nothing was need to achieve the results. The completeness of the install kit was also impressive.

    This week the car got a new rear wheel bearing and hub as well as a seal for the differential. The water pump was also replaced. Fortunately it was all under waranty.

    Now I am driving the car to be certain that it is running OK prior to the turbo swap. That should happen shortly.


  10. jimsgarage says:

    Oh, in the mean time I have replaced the Greddy titanium exhaust with a Tanabe Medalion.

    The Greddy is fantastically light, but the sound is a little too much on long road trips. The Tanabe is deep and throaty, but I can still enjoy some music without cranking things way up.

    The fit of the Tanabe is excellent, too. I have a Tanabe downpipe so it is a great package.

  11. JimmyBean says:

    I don’t know If I said it already but …I’m so glad I found this site…Keep up the good work I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..Jim Bean

  12. jamal siddiqi says:

    hi. from uk. here a stock ix makes 225 hp atw on a dyno dynamics. my forged and all bolt ons[ exc manifolds but port matched] ix made 345 atw @ 23.2 psi. no more in it bec of massive surge stopping more boost which tomei/ uk importer are unlikely to fix. was hoping for @ 380 +. uk bbk made 365 atw @ 27-8 psi. green v1 max here is @360-370 atw at 28 psi.
    despite this the powerband is linear, strong low down. minus the surge plus a little on top and it’d be perfect… corrected [21 % loss]atf figures are 440/390. i made a thread on mlr with graphs.

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