Evolution IX – Tuning the ECU

Some progress and some disappointment.  I have hooked up with Jestr Tuning to begin the process of tuning via the ECU.  While many in the states would do their tuning on a chassis dyno I prefer data logging pulls on the road where the environment is real and air is moving through my radiator and intercooler.  It is my understanding that in Japan they do the base tuning on a dyno and then do all the fine tuning on the road.

Jestr did the tuning on my previous Evolution 8 and I was very happy with the results.  He does a great job getting the most out of an engine using the stock ECU.  It is fortunate that Mitsubishi Evolutions and Subaru WRX’s can get this kind of tuning.  The cables and software come from Australia and are very reasonable in price.  I found out where and how to get my stuff by going to evolutionm.net.  The laptop I already had.

So for a reasonable price I will get this car to max out the power potential without being concerned about grenading my engine. 

The disappointing part of all this is that the Tomei ARMS turbo that I have on order is delayed once again.  Unfortunately for me the Tomei ARMS turbo has been such a success that they cannot make them fast enough.  I paid for mine back in mid-May and was given a ship date of end of June, but that was revised to the end of July, a date that has been revised even further to the third week in August.  I have my doubts that that will remain a commitment.

While I am excited about the Tomei turbo, I am frustrated that I cannot get my hands on one to install.

Jestr has been fantastic about it all and will continue with me to perfect the ECU tune of my current configuration and when the ARMS turbo does arrive he will continue his tuning with that.  I couldn’t ask for anything more than that.

The current ECU flashes are producing lots of great power and allowing me to get the most out of all the modifications that have been installed thus far. 

When the turbo does arrive it will be installed with a Megan Racing O2 sensor housing along with a Mishimoto aluminum radiator.  I can hardly wait.

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