Robert Strange McNamara

He was 93 when he died yesterday.  Known mostly for his role as Secretary of Defense and chief architect of the Vietnam war.

We should also remember him as one of the “whiz kids” hired by Henry Ford to save the company in post-World War II.  He applied science and finacial discipline to the way Ford was managed and became the first non-Ford person to become president of the company.  Weeks later he would resign and become part of John F. Kennedy’s administration.

If you have not seen “The Fog of War” , you should.

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4 Responses to Robert Strange McNamara

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  2. Tim says:

    Funny you should mention, I just came across this blurb about him. Clearly looks like an excerpt from the author’s forthcoming book, but interesting nonetheless. Can’t say I heard of the guy before today. Link

  3. Tim says:

    Also came across a good post on AutoBlog detailing his automotive exploits. Two thumbs up for the Ford Falcon

  4. jimsgarage says:

    Nice writeup on the Falcon. The Ford company was in a decline after WWII and Robert made a huge difference.
    Later, Lee Iacoca took the Falcon platform and turned it into the Mustang.
    The profitability that brought Ford back to life also allowed Henry II to challenge Ferrari and finaly win at LeMans.
    They were amazing times.

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