Evolution IX – Rear Aero Diffuser (but not the end)

Today I had time between other projects to install the rear aero-diffuser that had made such a difference on the 2005 Evolution MR.  Luckily I was able to rescue it from the older car and have been planning to install it for quite some time.

About a week ago the weather was nice enough that I could put it outside on some saw horses and sand it down and paint it.  APR made the diffuser out of fiberglass and it had some road rash from the time it spent on the ’05. 

I decided to give it a satin black finish instead of the gloss black that it originally had.   I also had a chance to clean it up as it had accumulated a lot of road grime over the years.

The installation process really takes two people if you want to install it with the best fit possible and luckily I was able to recruit a friend despite the hot humid weather.

First there were several trial fits with some trimming done to the fiberglass as well as the bumper cover.  Nothing radical, just fine tuning.  Then it was time to mark the holes that would have to be made in the bumper cover in order to bolt it in place.  This is always tricky and we spent a lot of time checking and re-checking before the drill was taken out.  Here is where having two people really makes a difference. 

When I first installed it on my previous Evo I used tape to hold it in place and the results were OK.  With two people we could really get things lined up and kept everything in place for a very nice fit.


After all the bolts were in, I had a friend who is gifted with a great deal of patience and likes detail work, fill in the edges with black RTV so that dirt would not have a place to collect.


I like the look and how it turned out.  Now I can’t wait to get the exhaust in place. 


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