Evolution IX – Gauging a New Perspective

It is a relatively small change, but one that really improves a key feature of the Evolution MR.  The MR edition came with a three gauge cluster that provides some useful information, but its placement is not the best for quick scanning or getting the most useful information in your line of sight.


The three gauges consist of a boost gauge, on the far right, an oil temperature gauge, in the middle, and a volt meter, on the left.  The problem is that it is mounted down below the dash, and just above the console.  This makes it difficult to see and make use of the information it provides. 

Fortunately the gauge cluster is just the same size as the radio which is mounted up on the dash, so the two can be swapped with each other.  The gauges can also be rearranged so that the boost gauge is closest to the driver’s line of sight.


The first thing to do is to get enough of the dash apart so that the radio and gauges can be removed.  To do this you need to pull out the heater control knobs.  This doesn’t take much strength and exposes a couple of Philips headed screws that also have to be removed. 


There are another two Philips screws to be removed on the trim around the gauges.


Then some gentle prying will remove the lower trim piece.


Just hooking your fingers through the control holes will allow you to pop off the panel around the radio.


More Philips screws hold the radio and the gauges in place


I put towels on the console so that it wouldn’t get scratched.

When you pull out the radio you will need to disconnect the white plug and the antennae lead.  Just put it on the floor until you get the gauges out.


You can pull the gauges out and unplug them so you can reroute the wires and hose to the radio’s old location. 


If you want to move the boost gauge closer you can completely remove it and the volt meter from the cluster or you can make it real easy and just loosen all three gauge clamps and rotate them in the bezel 180 degrees.  That will get them in the preferred order without totally removing them.


With the gauges clamped in to the bezel you need to route the wiring to the upper location to you can plug them in with no strain on the wiring or tubing.

Connect up the wiring to the gauges and set them in place up top and screw them in place.  Take your time and make certain that no wiring or tubing is pinched.

The radio is much the same situation.  Make certain that the wiring is not going to be stretched or pinched when the radio is fastened down in the new location and don’t forget the antenna lead.


Screw in the radio using the mounts that used to hold the gauges in place.

Put all the trim pieces back and screw them down.  Push the knobs back in place, too.


Now your gauges are easy to view and make use of while your radio is still very usable.


I added the Mitsubishi IPod adapter to the radio while I had it out and ran the connector for the IPod to the glove box.


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5 Responses to Evolution IX – Gauging a New Perspective

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  2. Tim says:


    The pre-Evo X’s make no claims about pretending to care about amenities or creature comforts, I wonder why Mitsu put them that way in the first place.

    Driving in torrential downpours the other day reminded me of something – will you be re-doing your custom anti-slip dead pedal? Or did you salvage that?

  3. jimsgarage says:

    I think that it was just an easy place to add the gauges and kept Mitsu fron having to make a big change to the manufacturing process.

    Yes, I salvaged the aluminum dead pedal cover I had created and have mounted it already.

  4. Tim says:

    Awesome. When you’re done radifying the Evo IX, you should do a flashback or summary post, going over the progression of personalization 😉

  5. Noel says:

    Are you going to do something to make it look as if the new location was a factory install, like fabricating a panel that matches the silver color of the dash?

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