Hyundai Genesis Coupe for 2010

Now why couldn’t an American car company figure this out?

This car is amazing.  Three hundred-six rear wheel drive horsepower, Brembo brakes,  track suspension, LSD, and more.  Check out the Hyundai web site for this powerful marketing video of Rhys Millen driving the snot out of this M3 beater at Road Atlanta.  MSRP is just shy of $30K.

Thanks to Bill for this tidbit.

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10 Responses to Hyundai Genesis Coupe for 2010

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  3. Tim says:

    IMO the turbo four is the one to look at. You can get it with the Track pack as well and have a package with more potential:
    Check out this preliminary tuned Genesis coup

  4. markitude says:


    For periods in time, I would argue that the American car companies have built stand outs.

    For example, I think the Corvette provided a lot of technology for the money – the C4 was way ahead of the pack in it’s day, and I would content that a Z51 coupe of today with the 430 LS3 is a good value. The 345 hp 1998 Camaro SS was a lot of car for the money. In 1986, the 225hp Mustang GT was also a lot car for the money.

    It’s tough to compare things 20 years appart – those cars didn’t come with Brembo brakes, but then in the 80’s the only thing that might have had a brembo on it was a Porsce 911 turbo.

    I still find it odd that Hyndai is challenging it’s brand perceptions of being an economy brand with it’s forays into performance and luxury genre’s.

  5. jimsgarage says:

    Yes, American car companies have built stand-out cars. But there seem to be huge gaps in time when they offer them. They also will have a stand-out car in a forest of so-so cars. Not that every car has to be a “track car” it doesn’t, but when you compare a C4 with a Buick you wonder if the cars came from the same country, let alone the same company.

  6. Noel says:

    Long, long, time ago, I can still remember, how the music used to make me smile…

    GM used to do this to cars. One was called the GTO.
    Ford did it, too. It was the Mustang.
    Then came the muscle car days.

    When the music died in 1973 (the first gas crisis) the domestic auto industry lost its way, its imagination and any vision. The companies became managed by MBAs and bean counters. The car guys were out of the line of power and succession to the top.

    Bye bye American pie.

  7. campygoob says:


    The stated HP is HP not WHP. SO.. Adding the 15 to 18% reduction you get…..

    Do the math.


  8. jimsgarage says:

    Those darn tricky Koreans…

  9. Rodney says:

    Not bad.

    Humm, this could have been the new Eclipse GSX. Mitsu better get out their pen and paper.

  10. Jon says:

    I agree that there are huge gaps of time when an American car company has a great inexpensive sports car in production. However, I thought this was changing over the last 4 years. Between Mustang becoming more of a weekend racer type deal, the onslaught of computerized upgrades and aftermarket dealers this has been a fun time to be a car guy again.

    However, then Hyundai comes along and brings this super value racer to market. But I just can’t see myself sitting behind the wheel.

    I think Ford (with the Mustang) and Chevrolet (with the Corvette and Camaro) are definitely playing the music again.

    But… this is a big one… I am only 26 years young so I can’t compare how the music being played now sounds vs back in 1972.

    on a side note: I have had the chance to run through the gears on a 4-speed 6.6L 1968 GTO convertible and that certainly will never be forgotten, a little scary with the suspension but a great experience.

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