The End of the Evo VIII MR

Well folks, today I got the call from the insurance company.  The cost of trying to bring the Evo back to life was too much and they have officially totaled the car.

It looks like I’ll be searching for another one.  If you hear of an unmolested Evo 9 MR out there let me know.

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5 Responses to The End of the Evo VIII MR

  1. SLang says:


    Sorry to hear the bad news! I had just found your blog less than two weeks ago after searching for info on my Legacy GT’s suspension. I was so impressed w/ the content that I started from the oldest post & began working my way to present… only to hear the sad end of the evo! But, as everyone has said, cars can be repaired/replaced it’s the safety of you & yr instructor that’s important. I’m based out of Columbia SC and can’t wait to see you & yr new 9MR @ CMP. Don’t let this get you down. Thanks for the great reads and keep ’em coming!


  2. Tim says:

    I’m sorry to hear that Jim, but I imagine some part of you is a little excited about the prospect of finding another compatible mule, maybe trying some different things than you had before, the thrill of a new lady in your life… 😉

    I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for you. And you know I’ll be happy to pre-inspect for you if one pops up in Florida!

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  4. Hsun Chen says:


    Sorry to hear about your offtrack/Evo-damaging experience. I’ve totaled one car at a track too (a ’91 Toyota MR2T with a fair amount of money/time invested), and am always wondering if I’ll be driving home or catching a ride when I head out for a HPDE or open-lapping day.

    I found your blog researching any install info on the Whiteline KCA395 roll center correction kit, which I just installed myself (on my ’06 graphite gray IX SE). PITA, but not too hard… except I didn’t get the “notch” lined up properly, and stripped all the threads off the fixing bolt, trying to force it “make it work.” *rolleyes* Thanks for the carefully written, thoroughly edited blog!

    I hope the new Evo works out even better than the other one.

    Here’s some video my friend compiled from in-car footage from our first time out at the new High Plains Raceway in Colorado, a couple weekends ago. He’s in a supercharged Lotus Elise on RA1s; my Evo has bolt-ons, and an FP green, but was suffering from massive boost leaks that day, and was on 245/40-17 Dunlop Direzza Z1s (STU autox “street” tires):

    I hope to drive VIR myself someday! And the Nurburgring… but I haven’t even gotten out to Miller in Utah yet…

    Hsun Chen
    Longmont, CO

  5. jimsgarage says:

    Hsun –

    Thanks for the good words and I am glad you enjoy the blog and what it has to offer. I hope you get a chance to try VIR some day. The elevation changes are really something.


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