Sport Compact Car – end of days

I received a post card in the mail the other day letting me know that there would be one more issue of Sport Compact Car and then it would be all over.

They started in 1988.  A nice mix of technical and more technical articles.  Sure there were a lot of Japanese cars featured, but that never stopped them from showing off a BMW or Lotus. 

They appreciated WRC and gave the reader a feel for just what it involved.

Once a year they had an Ultimate Street Car Challenge where modded and heavily modded street cars were evaluated for price, practicality (the Girl Friend Test), looks, engineering, drivability, raw power, emissions, fuel economy, acceleration, and road course and 1/4 mile.

Their project cars were ones that made sense and the upgrades were done in s systematic and sensible fashion.

I am going to miss them.

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One Response to Sport Compact Car – end of days

  1. markitude says:

    Why the end of the road for them?

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