The EVO X vs. Subaru STi

Once again we turn to Top Gear to sort out just which of these rally bred street rockets are top dog:

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4 Responses to The EVO X vs. Subaru STi

  1. Noel says:

    I had no idea! I thought these were just 300 HP ricers with AWD. I didn’t know they had all the controls to adjust everything. Judging by the people I see driving these cars, I’m not sure the refinement and capabilities of the many adjustments are fully appreciated, but that’s just me speaking as a European car snob. I guess there actually ARE Japanese cars that aren’t boring appliances–I just haven’t driven any!

    Unfortunately, this makes me actually want an EVO, but since that’s unlikely to happen anytime soon, I’ll just have to imagine.

  2. Jim's Sister says:

    Very funny and thrilling. And the price tag?

  3. jimsgarage says:

    Unfortunately the FQ360 version of the Evolution is not made available through dealers in the US. So far it is exclusive to the UK. Buschure Racing in the US has been able to market their version through select dealerships and you can read more about them at:

  4. Rick Holland says:

    Very impressive, particularly since I witnessed first hand what an Evo can do in the right hands to a ZO6.

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