Car Shows on Cape Cod

Labor Day weekend on Cape Cod brings with it a host of car shows.   Early last week I went to one close to the Bourne Bridge that connects this peninsula with the main land.  It is a weekly show that will continue through September 9. 

At around 4:30 in the afternoon the cars start showing up once they are certain that the weather will be in their favor.  It was entertaining to see the different eras that each of the cars represented as well as the style of customizing. 


Some were more along the lines of classic restoration while others were all about the art of hot rod customs.


The vast majority of the cars were typical American muscle cars with a few post-war beauties thrown in.  The imports were mostly represented by some fantastic looking Porsche of the 911 variety where at least half were of them had air cooled engines. 


One import was a post-war beauty that was right hand drive and in fantastic shape.


Here are a few photos of some of the different cars you could wander around.  Anything from a genuine Cobra roadster to a 1955 VW Beetle with semaphore turn signals and no gas gauge.


There was even this Ford F-800.  A rare truck to be sure.

Today I drove down to Falmouth where they had a car show known as the Falmouth Dream Cruise.  They had three separate areas in the village where cars were displayed by their owners.  There were the pre-war vintage cars, the muscle cars, and the imports and two-seater sports cars.  I went to this last display area.

In the Japanese section there were a plethora of Miatas and my car.  The Miata people were very cordial and since I know the car well and have worked on a few we had some great discussions on the Mazda.

In addition there were several Ferraris as well as some classic British cars.

Later a new Ford GT showed up only to be followed by a Fort GT40.

Here are some other shots of cars.


Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating and in the early afternoon we were treated to some downpours.  After the second one I packed up and headed back to my home base.


I may have time this weekend to take in one or two more of these shows – we’ll see.

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One Response to Car Shows on Cape Cod

  1. markitude says:

    Ah, the AMC Pacer. Classic.

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