Another Trip to Cape Cod

Yesterday I once again took the Evolution into the wilds of Interstate 95 and headed up to Cape Cod.  This time it was a seventeen hour trip complete with two hours of clutch endurance testing to cross the George Washington Bridge with a record toll charge of $8.  Connecticut took second place in the Interstate crawl with the first 25 miles taking a full hour.

Along the way I had the opportunity to watch an Amphicar towed by trailer make its way in the lane beside me.  It was a cream colored example with New Jersey plates.  I recalled seeing my first Amphicar back in the early 1960’s.  It was a powder blue version that the owner tried out in North Bay in Osterville, MA.  Since the two propellers both turned in the same direction the car could to great left turns in the water, but had only large, difficult ones when it turned to starboard.  If the water wasn’t flat calm you were likely to get wet and if there were any waves to speak of you were likely to take on too much water and submerge.

As I transverse Maryland it became clear that the state police had pulled out all the stops and had everything out on the highway.  I saw numerable marked cars as well as many unmarked.  The new Dodge Charges seem to be a real favorite with state police everywhere whether marked or unmarked.  I even saw an unmarked new Ford Mustang complete with five spoke alloy wheels.

This trip I was keeping to a speed that would not attract unwanted attention.  As a result I did not have to stop and grovel while being chastised.

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One Response to Another Trip to Cape Cod

  1. Noel says:

    Yep, the GW and I-95 can be prety bad.
    When bypassing NYC, get off in New Jersey on the west side of the GW and go up the Palisades Parkway and over the Tappan Zee bridge. Then go south to the Merritt Parkway. Get off the Merritt and get back on I-95when the Merritt crosses the bridge and changes to the Wilbur Cross parkway . As long as it’s not rush hour or bad weather, the Merritt is a nice driving road, and no big trucks. It more or less parallels I-95 until it hits the Cross Parkway. The link road from the Merritt to I-95 is just a couple of miles.

    This route is a few miles longer than what you did but is a bit more predictable and a lot more pleasant. Speed limit on the Merritt is 50-ish but people are always running 70+. I use it all the time when I go to NYC.

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