Road Trip – returning home

It was another two-day drive back home.  The first night I spent just outside of Indianapolis, IN.  Traffic was not too bad and construction delays have been minimal.


I made sure to start early and the dark mornings are spectacular in their own way with the sun in the east and the road stretching out letting me know I had over a thousand miles to go.


Illinois has really taken to windmills to supplement its electrical energy needs.  I even saw trucks carrying blades for more windmills.


On the second day there was a lot of fog for the first part of the trip and after fifty or sixty miles there was a wreck on the opposite side of the highway.  With traffic stopped it clearly showed just how much the trucks have come to dominate the highways as they deliver goods to all the “big box” stores.

Traffic was not bad.  Soon the hills of Virginia were spreading out in front of my windshield.  Home would not be too many more miles.

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One Response to Road Trip – returning home

  1. Jim's Sister says:

    Just wanted to say I think your photos of highways are getting more interesting. 🙂

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