Road Tripping to MN

I got up at six in the morning and cleaned myself up so that I could get the free continental breakfast the hotel offers.  It was okay.

By seven I was off.  Heading down the highway to Iowa and then to Minnesota.  But first I had to go from Indiana to Illinois.  There was not much of Indiana left before I crossed into the Land of Lincoln.

More semi’s were rolling along.  The rest areas are full of them in the mornings and many have parked on on-ramps over night as well.

What is it with speed limits?  You cross a state line and the limit changes.  There is no rhyme or reason.  You’ve got to wonder what difference it would make if they were raised another 10 mph.  The Evolution makes it very tough.  This car could easily cruise at 100 and not cause any problems except freaking out other cars.  There really weren’t that many cars on the road out here. 
I never sniffed any police radar usage either.  That seems to be reserved for the eastern states.  You would see the troopers sitting on the side of the road once on a very great while, but no radar.

Deer carcasses can be seen often on the side of the Interstates.  I watched a deer jump the fence on my side of the road, sprint across the two lanes and the median, stop in the fast lane on the oposite side, and spin around only to jump back over the fence to where it had been.  Scary since they move so fast and can get in front of a car before you know it.

I made it to the folks by 4:30 in the afternoon, their time.  We spent some time catching up with conversation.  This might be it until I head back on Monday.

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