Road Trip – Los Angeles to New York in 4 minutes

Makes me want to plan another road trip.

There are a lot of places east of the Mississippi that I didn’t travel to last summer.

Any suggestions folks?

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2 Responses to Road Trip – Los Angeles to New York in 4 minutes

  1. Jim's sister says:

    How about the Great Lakes and finger lakes region? My sister and I went through there on our way back from Idaho too many years back to count, and found it beautiful, lush farm land and lots of small communities. Very charming in the summer – but lots of snow in the winter. I wouldn’t want to try it in that season without chains on the tires.

  2. Noel says:

    Agree on the Finger Lakes. Upstate NY is nice country. Hit the Adirondacks, too. If you have to stay east, go to Minnesota to see your folks, then hit Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and come east to upstate New York by Buffalo. Head down into the Finger Lakes, then work your way back up to the ‘dacks. Then cross over into VT and go south to home. Easy to stay on all two lane roads.

    But the west is the best. You still gotta drive the Pacific Coast Highway between LA and San Francisco. Do it in either direction. Great road, great views.

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