The Garage Girl’s Guide


If you have ever watched the early episodes of Overhaulin’ or Spike TV’s Power Block on the weekends you have undoubtedly seen Courtney Hansen.  She is a pretty face, is photogenic, and knows how to look good on TV.

Aside from all that she comes from a car family and knows a lot more about cars, racing, and mechanics than you would assume from the pretty face.  Sorry, but the reality is that men don’t expect mechanical knowledge from a pretty face.  In fact, most women realize that they are at a distinct disadvantage when getting their car serviced or buying parts, just because they are women.

So in comes Courtney with her own book called “The Garage Girl’s Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Your Car”. 

Her father was an SCCA champion and she grew up around, in, and driving cars.  She knows what she is talking about and has done a pretty good job of putting it in a book. 

I don’t know if she expected this to be just for women, but it works for guys, too.  If you are a guy or gal who has been around cars for a while and twisted wrenches some, then you might find it a bit elementary, but keep looking and you will find a section or two that will teach you something new.

If you do know a girl, or woman that wants to learn more about cars without being humiliated or taken advantage of, point them to this book.  Better yet, give it to them as a present. 

The only thing I wish Courtney would do is put up a web site where people can learn more from her in a conversational medium.

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4 Responses to The Garage Girl’s Guide

  1. Tim says:

    Thanks for pointing this out Jim – I know some people who could benefit from this 😉

    And that’s a nice looking Pontiac she’s sitting on…LeMans?

  2. Ducker says:

    Think ill buy it for the wife….

  3. westsidewench says:

    Pretty cool chick, that’s for sure. I’m always impressed when I meet another girl that wants to talk/read about cars. You can’t force interest… only the ones who want to learn more will like the book.

  4. Noel says:

    Think I’ll get this for my eldest daughter (19). She’s the one who crawled under the car with me, wearing her pajamas, so I could show her how to change the oil. The other one (14) is starting to get interested, don’t know if she’ll be interested in twisting wrenches, though. The older one is more like me, which is good and bad.

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