Road Trip – VIR


Yesterday I traveled just across the NC border to Virginia International Raceway (VIR) where the Tar Heel Sports Car Club (THSCC) was holding its first track event of 2008. 

It was a beautiful day, weather wise.  Nice and sunny and relatively warm, hitting about 75 degrees by mid-day. 

Perhaps the nicest part was coming to the entrance of VIR and driving to the pit area.  The rolling hills of this 3.27 mile course make you feel more like the track is a country road with plenty of elevation changes and lots of hillsides covered with grass.

It was nice to meet a few old friends as well as get to know some new faces.  These events provide a wide variety of cars, but everyone is sociable and friendly.  This is not a competition event so people share information and advice. 

There are several run groups that are divided up by levels of experience and it is a busy day for beginners and experienced drivers alike.  Instructors ride with all but the advanced level drivers to help the others learn the course and how best to improve their driving technique.  There are class activities where many aspects of driving are discussed as well as opportunities for questions on what the drivers have discovered about VIR.

There will be other track days put on this year at VIR and other clubs will be sponsoring the events, but it is nice to get to the first one and have such great weather.

Here are some photos from the day.






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6 Responses to Road Trip – VIR

  1. markitude says:

    Glad you took that trip Jim! Interesting photos…artful and somewhat of a tease. Leaves one guessing about what’s in the rest of the picture.

  2. Jim's sister says:

    Why am I looking at what I am looking at in the last picture?

  3. jimsgarage says:

    That question is metaphysically impossible for me to answer. How can I know what you see and think?

    Try clicking on the picture, it gets BIGGER. 🙂

  4. Jim's sister says:

    Much more interesting pictures. 🙂

    Well, I’ll just have to go through every one of your postings and click on each picture in order to see just how much I’ve been missing. Not to worry. I’m up for it!

  5. vagpod says:

    Wonderful pictures! Loved the yellow VW Scirocco mkI and the Cobra

  6. Noel says:

    I had a Scirocco of that vintage. Great car. Mine was stock except for adding sway bars and upgrading the shocks and a 13″ steering wheel (which I inherited from Jim). Was still a good runner and surprised a lot of people in more powerful cars. Haven’t seen one in a looong time. Nice to see one is still out there.

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