2008 Rally Schedule

For those of you outside of the United States the season starts Thursday in Monte Carlo and continues through Late November.  Sebstien Loeb will have all eyes on him as the expectation is that he will break Tommi Makenen’s record of four consecutive titles.  This will not be a given though as WRC competitors are some of the most agressive in racing.

US folks might want to drop south of the border and attend the Rally Mexico in Leon.  Check out http://www.rallymexico.com/ for information.

Monte Carlo

January 24-27


February 8-10


February 28 – March 2


March 27-30


April 24-27


May 16 – 18


May 29 – June 1


June 13 – 15


July 31 – August 3


August 15 – 17

New Zealand

August 28 – 31


October 2 – 5


October 10 – 12


October 24 – 26


November 28 – 30

I know one reader of this forum will be anxiously awaiting the Argentina dates.

It is hard to judge what location offers the most exciting rally action, but certainly Finland is at the top of that list with drivers and locations.

If only the US television networks would provide meaningful coverage we might see a WRC event on these shores some day.

The US does have its own Rally America and it will be starting in Atlanta, MI on Friday.

Atlanta, MI

January 25 – 26

Salem, MS

February 22 – 23

Olympia, WA

April 19 – 20

Hillsboro, OR

May 16 – 18

Wellsboro, PA

June 7

Bethal, ME

July 11 – 12

Bemidji, MN

August 22 – 23

Steamboat Springs, CO

September 13 – 14

Houghton, MI

October 17 – 18
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4 Responses to 2008 Rally Schedule

  1. Esteban says:

    Gee, I wonder who that reader is.

    I think I have a wedding that time (again), will try hard to get at least one day at Cordoba. Another piece of related news that might be a good source of motorsport entertainment is that next years “Dakar” Rally might be held here…

    Now I just need a Formula 1 race again and I can miss all important events held within a couple hundred miles 🙂

    Go Loeb!

  2. Jim's sister says:

    Are you participating in any of those US races?

  3. jimsgarage says:

    Only as a spectator. 🙂

  4. maxi says:

    and check this site for rally videos

    http://rallydakarvideos.com good luck!!

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