Road Trip – B-Mac’s


This week I took a short road trip to visit a restoration shop in the Raleigh area.  You hear a lot about places like Chip Foose and Boyd Codington, but there are some very talented shops that don’t get national attention and B-Mac’s is one of them.

After a few decades of working in the corporate world Bill McDonald felt it would be a good time to retire and kick back.  A stint in an auto body shop introduced him to the amount of interest in restoration work and muscle car customization that existed in the Raleigh area. 

Since the body shop was more interested in focusing its business on insurance work Bill decided to jump into the restoration business.  Two years later he has more work than he knows what to do with.

It is a family business with his son, Bill, Jr. and grandson, Blake.  They also have several talented technicians that specialize in custom bodywork and fabrication.

One great example of their work is a 1962 Corvette that spent over two decades in a barn in Burlington, NC, until someone decided to let B-Mac’s do their magic. 


This frame-off, period correct restoration has resulted in a beautifully transformed barn relic. 


This place is currently working on four Camaros in their body shop as well as several project cars from the sixties. 


Every customer I talk with is not only impressed with the meticulous work, but the customer centric attitude of B-Mac’s.  The customer’s budget is never ignored and customers are welcome to come and see the progress of their project car at any time. 

Enjoy the photos.





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3 Responses to Road Trip – B-Mac’s

  1. Tim says:

    Thanks for the pics Jim. I sent this to Kat, something to keep in mind whenever the Camaro’s ready for a repaint.

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