Great Roads – Tail of the Dragon Going Crazy

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2 Responses to Great Roads – Tail of the Dragon Going Crazy

  1. Noel says:

    Gee, all those idle, cigar chomping, donut eating, redneck cops make it kinda hard to have a good time on the Tail. Too many cops without enough to do, IMHO –and very aware of a good revenue source. Why do something useful when you can just roust speeders on a windy road?

    Seems like the guy with the video cam was looking for trouble. I don’t think the cops would have bothered him if he hadn’t pointed the cam at them as he drove by. He was arguing with the cop, too, which is about a useful as talking to a rock. The cop gets credit for writing the ticket. Anyone know how it worked out in court?

    I’m also really surprised the cop allowed the guy to video tape him while writing the ticket. It isn’t technically illegal since the road is a public place, but cops don’t always worry about legalities.

    If they disallow “TV Screens” then what the heck is a GPS? Or if I use the GPS in my phone–which displays the map on the screen– do they call that a TV?

    Just curious… what is the posted speed limit on that road?

  2. jimsgarage says:

    I agree, the guy had a small chip on his shoulder, but I gather he was sick of all the John Law on the Tail. The judge threw out the citation.

    The speed limit is pretty much 30 MPH. Ha!

    While Tennesse decided to make life miserable for just about anyone that drove the Dragon, North Carolina made sure that tourist and motor enthusiasts knew that there were plenty of great roads on the NC side of the line. Of course there was the admonition that speed limits were to be obeyed, but they didn’t follow up with a radar trap every mile. They know that a lot more money is made without citing drivers.

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